Acute IV Plus
Sterile Acute Cannulation Pack

Acute IV Plus offers the perfect solution for safe and simple insertion and removal of peripheral cannula. The pack contains the essential components you need to support aseptic practices and promotes standardized practices.

Acute IV Plus ticks all the boxes, versatile in use both in an emergency or hospital setting, in support of winning ways and saving lives to reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA.

Acute IV Plus


Easy to use.
Conforms to Infection Control Guidelines.
Promotes standardisation.
Saves time.
Less waste.


1. Adhering to trust policies and procedure ensure correct cannula and skin preparation are within easy reach.
2. Wash your hands in accordance with local policies.
3. Open packaging onto a clean surface.
4. Using aseptic none-touch technique open outer wrapping to create sterile filed.
5. Invert waste bag and insert hand to arrange contents as required.
6. Proceed to cannulate as per trust policies.
7. Use enclosed gauze swabs as required.
8. Ensure cannulation site is left clean and dry.
9. Apply peripheral cannulation dressing as per instructions.
10. Once completed document lot number and insertion site clearly on enclosed labels.
11. Using colour coded label apply to dressing when site to be reviewed.
12. Dispose of clinical waste in the bag provided.
13. Complete documentation.


For use in the insertion and removal of peripheral cannula in the hospitals.


RHC Code Description NHS Code Case Qty
908080 Aseptic Cannula Pack EVX447 60

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