Super Absorbent Dressing

Product Description

C-Sorb is super absorbent, non-adhesive dressing pad designed to absorb and retain large volumes of fluid and exudate.

The gentle contact layer is non-absorbent and low adherent, minimising patient trauma during dressing changes as well as allowing fluid to pass freely to the super absorbent core. The lock-away system ensures even distribution of exudate through the dressing, minimising the risk of maceration whilst the liquid repellent backing prevents strike-through to enhance patient comfort and satisfaction.

C-Sorb is available in a wide range of sizes to suit all your wound care requirements and can be used as a primary or secondary dressing.

C-Sorb both dressings with white and blue backing

C-SorbC-Sorb – has won NHSSC Mini Competition for Super Absorbent Dressing


Super absorbent lock-away core rapidly retains exudate away from the wound site.
Low adherent and lightweight polypropylene contact layer minimises adherence to the wound site.
Fluid-repellant backing prevents strike-through as well as external liquid penetration.
Soft fabric design provides improved patient comfort during use and dressing changes.



1. The dressing should be worn with the blue backing uppermost facing away from the wound.
2. Apply directly to the wound area, with at least a 1cm overlap on the surrounding skin.
3. The dressing may be held in place with a suitable retention aid.


C-Sorb is indicated for the management of moderate to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds including:

  • Pressure ulcers.
  • Leg and foot ulcers.
  • Traumatic wounds.
  • Surgical wounds.
  • Fungating Malignant wounds.
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns.




RHC Code Description PIP Code NHS Code Pack Qty
206075 7.5cm x 7.5cm 392-5351 EJE139 20
206110 10cm x 10cm 392-5369 EJE136 20
206120 10cm x 20cm 392-5377 EJE137 20
206125 15cm x 25cm 392-5401 EJE140 20
206220 20cm x 20cm 392-5385 EJE138 20
206230 20cm x 30cm 392-5393 EJE135 20

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