ClearFilm IV
PICC-Midline Dressing – 10cm x 15cm

Product Description

ClearFilm IV is PICC line dressing or midline dressing. ClearFilm IV is a transparent IV dressing coated with a layer of a gentle hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive, specially formulated to secure IV sites in the presence of moisture. Frame delivery system for precise placement. Highly conformable to provide solutions for difficult catheters and IV sites.

ClearFilm IV is completely latex-free, including all aspects of the packaging. Low reflective transparent film provides high visibility of the insertion site for monitoring purposes. Promotes best practice and enhanced patient comfort with additional securement strips and date label. ClearFilm IV has MVTR 819 g/m2/24hrs (moisture vapour
transmission rate).

A date documentation label is included with all dressings within the ClearFilm IV range, promoting optimal and thorough patient care. ClearFilm IV dressings are available in a range of sizes and designs to meet all requirements. We offer deep and shallow as well as wide and narrow ports sizes and ranges are available with two soft cloth strips to anchor catheters, cannulas and infusion sites.

ClearFilm-IV - PICC Line Dressing, Midline Dressing
ClearFilm-IV - PICC Line Dressing, Midline Dressing
ClearFilm-IV - PICC Line Dressing, Midline Dressing


Viral Barrier
Deep notched design forms a barrier to secondary infection and bacterial contamination.
Latex-free Zone
All aspects of the ClearFilm IV range are Latex-free.
Easy to use
Frame delivery system facilitates simple, accurate and quick application.
Low reflective film
Transparent, low reflective film window allows easy positioning and monitoring of insertion site.
ClearFilm IV waterproof design maximises fluid protection of site and minimises frequency of dressing changes.
Softer touch
Hypoallergenic adhesive is gentle to the skin whilst providing maximum securement.


1. Open package and remove sterile dressing.

2. Pre-cut tape strips can be used:

  • Under the catheter wings or hub to protect the skin.
  • Over the catheter wings or hub to enhance catheter stability.
  • To secure the IV tubing or stabilise catheter tubing.

3. Remove backing paper and position dressing over catheter site at the desired location.

4. Ensure transparent film window sits centrally over insertion site with the line sitting in the deep notch.

5. Do not stretch the dressing during application as tension may cause skin trauma.

6. Slowly remove the frame while firmly smoothing down the dressing edges to maximise fixation.

7. Enter the dressing change details onto the record label and fix onto dressing ensuring the window is not obscured.

ClearFilm-IV - PICC Line Dressing, Midline Dressing


ClearFilm IV – 10cm x 15cm is indicated for use on:

  • Central Line Catheter dressing.
  • PICC Line Catheter dressing.
  • Midline Catheter dressing.


RHC Code Description PIP Code NHS Code Pack Qty
816100 10cm x 15cm 393-1664 ELW653 50

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