ClearFilm I.V. – Transparent I.V. Site Dressing by Richardson Healthcare


Viral barrier aids the prevention of secondary infection and bacterial contamination.
Transparent, low reflective film window allows easy monitoring of insertion site.
Waterproof design maximises protection and minimises frequency of dressing changes.
Hypoallergenic adhesive is gentle to the skin whilst providing maximum securement.
Simple frame delivery system facilitates easy, accurate and quick application.
Different sizes available with cannula securement strips and insertion date labels.

Product Description

The ClearFilm IV range is a latex-free transparent range of dressings, coated with a layer of skin-friendly hypoallergenic adhesive. Designed with a simple frame delivery system, ClearFilm IV products allow easy and accurate positioning of the wound site. Additionally, the low reflective nature of the transparent film allows for clear inspection of the insertion site for monitoring purposes, removing the need for dressing removal and reapplication. The notched design of the dressings also allows for enhanced securement over the insertion site, creating an effective barrier to secondary infection and bacterial contamination.

A date documentation label is included with all dressings within the ClearFilm IV range, promoting optimal and thorough patient care. Clearfilm I.V. Dressings are available in a range of sizes and designs to meet all requirements. We offer deep and shallow as well as wide and narrow ports sizes and ranges are available with two soft cloth strips to anchor catheters, cannulas and infusion sites.


1. Remove centre panel; pre-cut tape strips will remain attached.
2. Pre-cut strips can be used:

  • Under the catheter wings or hub to protect the skin.
  • Over the catheter wings or hub to enhance catheter stability.
  • To secure the I.V. tubing or stabilize catheter lumens.

3. Peel the liner from the dressing exposing the adhesive area.
4. Position the dressing over the catheter.
5. Slowly remove the frame while smoothing down the dressing edges to enhance fixation.
6. Enter the dressing change details onto the record label and fix near dressing.


Clearfilm IV is indicated for use on:

  • Central lines.
  • Peripheral catheter sites.
  • Cannula sites.


RHC Code Description PIP Code Pack Qty
816020 5cm x 5.7cm 394-6878 100
816040 6cm x 7cm 393-1698 100
816060 7cm x 9cm 393-1680 100
816080 10cm x 12cm 393-1672 50
816085 10cm x 12cm 50
816100 10cm x 15cm 393-1664 50

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