Semi-Permeable Film Dressing

Product Description

ClearFilm is a latex-free, transparent film dressing, coated with a layer of hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. The frame delivery system provides a gentle but secure adherence to the skin, whilst allowing simple and accurate positioning over the wound site. The low reflective nature of the transparent film allows for clear inspection of the wound healing process, without needing to remove the dressing meaning longer wear time and undisturbed healing.

The conformable and comfortable structure of the dressing allows for easy application even to difficult areas and ensures superior patient satisfaction. Additionally, the breathable design of ClearFilm ensures good permeability to oxygen and vapour, aiding in creating an optimum wound healing environment.

ClearFilm is available in a wide range of sizes and can be used as a primary or secondary dressing.


Waterproof viral barrier aids the prevention of secondary infection and bacterial contamination.
Effective MVTR management maintains moist wound healing environment.
Transparent, low reflective film allows for easy monitoring of wound site.
Well conforming design and frame delivery system for easy application in difficult areas.
Hypoallergenic adhesive is gentle to the skin whilst providing maximum securement.
Can be cut into strips or shapes for difficult areas such as heels and elbows.


1. Peel the liner from the dressing exposing the adhesive surface.
2. Centre the dressing over the wound site.
3. Press the dressing into place.
4. Slowly remove the frame while smoothing down the dressing edges.
5. Smooth the dressing from the centre toward the edges, using firm pressure to enhance adhesion. Do not stretch.


Clearfilm is indicated for use on a range of minor chronic and acute wounds including:

  • Use as a secondary dressing.
  • Minor burns.
  • Protective cover and fixation of catheter sites.
  • Autolytic debridement facilitated by the moist wound healing environment.
  • Skin graft donor sites.
  • Clean, closed surgical incisions.
  • Abrasions, blisters and skin tears.
  • Superficial pressure areas and leg ulcers.


RHC Code Description PIP Code NHS Code Pack Qty
815067 6cm x 7cm 368-8314 ELW646 100
815101 10cm x 12cm 368-8322 ELW696 10
815112 10cm x 12cm ELW968 50
815121 12cm x 12cm 368-8330 ELW707 10
815152 15cm x 20cm 368-8348 ELW697 10
815215 15cm x 20cm ELW969 50
815230 20cm x 30cm 392-6045 ELW698 10

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