Clearpore – Transparent Post-Operative Dressing by Richardson Healthcare

Slide Clearpore transparent film box and pouch.


Creates a viral barrier that aids the prevention of secondary infection and bacterial contamination.
Impermeable to water and fluids, maximising protection and minimising frequency of dressing changes.
High MVTR provides good exudate management capabilities minimising the risk of skin maceration.
Flexible and conforming design means ease of application to difficult areas and ultimate patient comfort.

Product Description

Clearpore is a discreet, transparent polyurethane dressing consisting of an absorbent pad coupled with a skin-friendly hypoallergenic adhesive. It provides the optimum moist wound healing environment with a high moisture vapour transmission rate (905.40g/m²/24hrs), ensuring permeability to both water vapour and oxygen whilst creating a strong barrier to viral and bacterial infection.

Patient comfort is guaranteed with the skin-friendly adhesive and the flexible and conforming design. Our unique carrier film construction ensures that the integrity of the dressing is retained during application even to difficult areas, preventing wrinkling and ensuring ease of use. The material is water repellent, allowing for increased wear and minimising the need for the frequent dressing change.

Clearpore can be used as a primary or secondary dressing and is available in a wide range of sizes to address all your wound care needs.


1. Peel back the larger of the backing papers to expose the absorbent pad.
2. Centre and place the dressing over the wound site.
3. Slowly peel back the second piece of backing paper and smooth the dressing over the wound site.
4. Smooth the dressing into place, carefully removing the carrier films one at a time.


Clearpore is indicated for use on minor chronic and acute wounds including:

  • Minor cuts.
  • Abrasions.
  • Lacerations.
  • Puncture sites.
  • Post-operative wounds.


RHC Code Description PIP Code NHS Code Pack Qty
805067 6cm x 7cm 356-6874 EWL714 60
805610 6cm x 10cm 356-6692 ELW715 50
805100 10cm x 10cm 356-6882 ELW716 50
805115 15cm x 10cm 356-6890 EIJ320 50
805120 20cm x 10cm 356-6908 ELW719 30
805125 25cm x 10cm 356-6916 ELW720 30
805130 30cm x 10cm 372-0117 ELW721 30
805135 35cm x 10cm ELW712 30

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