Disability Confident Committed Employer

We are proud to announce that Richardson Healthcare is now certified as a Level 1 Disability Confident Committed Employer.

What is the Disability Confident Employer Scheme?

The Disability Confident Scheme opposes practises that discriminate against and exclude people with disabilities from the labour force. The scheme has started a movement of change that encourages employers and employees to think differently about disability. Ensuring that recruitment processes are inclusive and accessible allows employers to pull from the widest pool of talent as possible and implementing policies that support any existing employees with a disability allows employers to retain that talent.

Why has Richardson Healthcare joined the Disability Confident Employer Scheme?

We strive to promote equality and diversity in every element of our company. We are committed to giving every candidate who discloses a disability an interview if their application meets the minimum requirements for the role.

We are conscious that interviews can sometimes be a challenging experience for candidates with a disability. We are committed to accommodating the individual requirements of any shortlisted candidates to safeguard the fairness of a recruitment cycle.

We hope that the Disability Confident Scheme continues to remove the obstacles that people with disabilities still face in the workforce and will inspire them to demonstrate their abilities. We are looking forward to progressing to the next level of the Disability Confidence Scheme by acting on our commitment, rather than simply declaring it.

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