Journal of Community Nursing Study Days: Skin Tear Training 2023

We are excited to kick off our Skin Tears: Prevention, Assessment and Management sessions at all the Journal of Community Nursing’s free study days in 2023.

The JCN events are a fantastic opportunity to attend certificated seminars by industry leaders on key areas of interest in community nursing, including wound care, urology, diabetes and respiratory conditions.

What will our skin tear training cover?

Skin tears are extremely common wounds in people over the age of 65. Yet, despite being common, there are limited resources on the prevention, assessment and management of skin tear. This can lead to skin tear misidentification and mismanagement, resulting in complications such as pain, infection, discomfort, emotional distress, as well as unscheduled visits from district nurses.

Our training will cover skin tear fundamentals:

  • Skin tear aetiology
  • ISTAP classification system
  • Risk factors
  • Preventative measures
  • Assessment
  • Skin tear best practice
  • How to dress a skin tear
  • Complications with skin tears

Upcoming Journal of Community Nursing Free Study Days

Maidstone – 8th February 2023

Exeter – 9th March 2023

Bristol – 22nd March 2023

Stoke on Trent – 22nd April 2023

Bournemouth – 24th May 2023

Birmingham – 8th June 2023

Chigwell – 22nd June 2023

Leeds – 4th July 2023

Liverpool – 13th September 2023

Durham – 11 October 2023

Cardiff – 9th November 2023

Norwich – 22nd November 2023

Doncaster – 6th December 2023

JCN Study Day Agenda 2023

9:00am – Getting Hands on with Self-Care Solutions

10:00am – Skin Tears: Prevention, Assessment and Management 

11:00am – Fundamentals of Wound Healing

1:00pm – Demystifying the use of NWPT in the Community

2:00pm – Proactive Wound Healing with Biofilm Strategy

4:00pm – A Practical Guide to Vascular Assessment (ABPI)

How can I sign up to a JCN event?

For more information on how to attend a regional JCN study day in 2023, please visit their website: Related events – Journal of Community Nursing (