Skin Tear Starter Kit
Skin Tear Starter Kit

Skin Tear Starter Kit



All-in-one kit containing skin tear dressing essentials in one location.

The Repair the Tear kit includes:

3 x SilTact – Wound Contact Layers (5cm x 7.5cm)
3 x SilTact – Wound Contact Layers (7.5cm x 10cm)

For undisturbed healing, comfortable wear, smart exudate management, gentle removal, and cost-effectiveness.

2 x Xupad – Absorbent Pads (10cm x 12cm)

For rapid exudate absorption, maintaining moisture balance, adequate ventilation, and enhanced patient comfort.

2 x Dressit – Aseptic Community Dressing Pack (Medium-Large Gloves)

For minimising infection, effective wound cleansing, sterile dressing application, and ease of use.


Dressit pack is designed to minimise the risk of infection during wound cleansing and the application of dressings by supporting aseptic non-touch technique.


SilTact’s perforations help to maintain adequate moisture balance in both bleeding and non-bleeding skin tears. The dressing is breathable, reduces blood or exudate pooling, and allows fluid to transfer easily to the secondary Xupad dressing.


SilTact can stay in situ for up to 14 days, reducing the number of primary dressing changes required. Together with its transparency, clinicians can observe the progress of healing without disturbing the wound or remaining skin flap. SilTact is flexible and comformable, ensuring comfortable wear.


The silicone adhesive ensures painless removal and prevents further trauma to the skin.

Skin tears are extremely common wounds in people over the age of 65. Even though they are common, there are few resources on the proper prevention, identification, and management of skin tears.
Skin tears are easy to misdiagnose, but they are easy to treat if properly identified. All you need are the right tools, training, and resources.
At Richardson Healthcare, we have designed an all-in-one kit for healthcare professionals to ensure optimal skin tear healing and better patient outcomes.
This item is not available for purchase outside of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.


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