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Richardson Healthcare selection of products


We offer a range of Latex-free, sterile and non-sterile medical products which provide a cost-effective solution to healthcare professionals. Clinical products and accessories: Medicrepe, Ce-Fix, Ortholite, Softswab, Vitrex, SafeSpec, V-Grip, Veneloc, V-Loc.

Procedure Packs

We have a comprehensive range of latex-free procedure packs and kits which provide a cost effective solution to hospitals and the community: Dressit, Softdrape, Asepsis, Option ll and Acute IV Plus.


We deliver a comprehensive range of continence products which offer cost-effective solutions to patients and healthcare professionals. Continence products: Cath-it, Cath-it Acute Plus, Silca Leg Bag, Silca Night Bag.

Wound Care

We provide effective Wound Care solutions through cost-effective quality products that support the advanced healing of wounds. Wound management product range: C-Foam Silicone, C-Foam Silicone Border, ClearFilm, ClearFilm I.V. ClearFilm I.V. PRO, Clearpore, Softpore, SilTact, C-Sorb, Xupad.

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