Skin Tears
Pathway for Carers

A simple wound assessment for carers and healthcare practitioners
to assess, dress and prevent. In line with ISTAP skin care
classification system.

Skin Tears Pathway for Carers


Assess the skin tear. If it is bleeding gently apply pressure directly
to the wound using a sterile gauze swab. If necessary elevate the limb
for a minimum of 15 minutes. If the bleeding is gushing seek help from
a qualified practitioner or call 999.

Cleanse the wound with water or saline taking into consideration
which classification (type) of skin tear is being assessed and
act accordingly. It is important to be gentle to prevent further trauma.

Skin Tears Pathway for Carers

Apply an appropriate size SilTact silicone dressing ensuring it covers the wound including the edges by approximately 2 cm and cover with an adhesive dressing if required.

*DO NOT use adhesive strips/film dressings over the wound. These methods are no longer the preferred method of closure and will cause trauma.


When removing a SilTact dressing lift gently from the corner
to prevent the skin lap from moving.
Remove in the same direction as the edge of the skin flap