Universal Aseptic Dressing Pack

Softdrape universal aseptic dressing pack provides you with a one-pack solution to effective wound management. Cost-effective and strategically designed, the pack supports non-touch technique thus minimizing the risk of infection.



Easy to use.
Conforms to Infection Control Guidelines.
Supported by Training and Education.


1. Open pack onto the clinically clean work surface.
2. Clean hands with soap and water.
3. Carefully open outer wrap to create sterile field.
4. Put an apron on.
5. Put hand into the bag to arrange contents.
6. Keep hand in the bag to remove the old dressing.
7. Invert and secure the waste bag.
8. Hand wash according to company policy.
9. Apply sterile gloves from the pack.
10. Cleanse and dress wound according to local policy.
11. Fold up sterile field and place in waste bag.
12. Seal waste bag to dispose of accordingly.
13. Clean hands with soap and water.


For use in aseptic procedures and wound care in the community.



RHC Code Description NHS Code UOI Case Qty
908810 Small EJA045 20 80
908820 Medium EJA046 20 80
908830 Large EJA047 20 80

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