Softpore – Adhesive Island Dressing by Richardson Healthcare


Water repellent material allows for extended wear and superior protection.
Gentle and easy application, wear and removal with rounded corners.
Breathable structure and high absorbency to optimise healing.
All products of the Softpore range are hypoallergenic to reduce patient risk.

Product Description

Softpore is a water repellent island dressing designed with an absorbent, non-woven viscose pad for long-lasting, comfortable wear. The highly absorbent pad provides excellent exudate management, minimising the risk of maceration whilst ensuring a moist wound healing environment. Additionally, the breathable structure of Softpore promotes a healthy circulation of air to the wound site.

The gentle, latex-free adhesive and rounded edges guarantee secure fixation for extended wear, easy removal and superior patient comfort. Packaged in two pieces of overlapping release paper, Softpore allows for aseptic and easy application.


1. Peel backing paper back to expose the absorbent pad.
2. Centre the dressing over the wound site.
3. Slowly peel back each side the backing paper, one at a time.
4. Smooth the dressing into place.


  • Minor burns, cuts and abrasions.
  • Surgical incisions.
  • Low to moderately exuding wounds.


RHC CodeDescriptionPIP CodeNHS CodePack Qty
8030676cm x 7cm304-0920EIJ02360
80310010cm x 10cm304-0938EIJ01350
80311510cm x 15cm304-0946EIJ01450
80312010cm x 20cm304-0953EIJ02430
81312510cm x 25cm392-5385EIJ02530
80313010cm x 30cm304-0979EIJ02630
80313510cm x 35cm304-0987EIJ02730

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