Surgical Face MaskSurgical Face Mask Type 2R elastic loop
Type IIR – with elastic ear loop

Surgical Face Mask Type IIR gives protection for all Clinicians

Filtration efficiency – our surgical face masks exceed the bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure standards set in the EN14683 Type IIR (Type 2R).

Fluid protection – exceeding the standard at 120mmHg.

Mask design – provides excellent breathability and low delta P (1.5) ensuring coolness and comfort even when worn for an extended period.

Surgical Face Mask Type 2R elastic loop
Surgical Face Mask Type 2R elastic loop
Surgical Face Mask Type 2R elastic loop

Features of Surgical Face Mask Type IIR with elastic loop:

3 layer system allows superb breathability, while filtering harmful bacteria.

Elastic ear loops providing extended comfort for long procedures.

Easy fit for fast donning and removal.

Adjustable nosepiece providing a custome seal.

European Standard EN14683 medical face mask requirements

Bacterial Filtration Eciency (%) Differential Pressure (Pa/cm2) Splash Resistance Pressure (kPa) Microbial Cleanliness (cfu/g)
Type I (Type 1) ≥ 95 < 29.4 Not required 30
Type II (Type 2) ≥ 98 < 29.4 Not required 30
Type IIR (Type 2R) ≥ 98 < 49.0 ≥ 16 30


MPC Code Description Pack Qty Case Qty
51562D Surgical Face Mask Type IIR Earloop 50 1000

Selection of face masks Type II R, N95 & FFP3 manufactured by Richardson Healthcare

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