Surgical Face Mask Type IIR – with elastic ear loop
by Richardson Healthcare

Surgical Face Mask Type IIR gives protection for all Clinicians

Filtration efficiency – our surgical face masks exceed the bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure standards set in the EN14683 Type IIR (Type 2R).

Fluid protection – exceeding the standard at 120mmHg.

Mask design – provides excellent breathability and low delta P (1.5) ensuring coolness and comfort even when worn for an extended period.

Features of Surgical Face Mask Type IIR with elastic loop:

3 layer system allows superb breathability, while filtering harmful bacteria.

Elastic ear loops providing extended comfort for long procedures.

Easy fit for fast donning and removal.

Adjustable nosepiece providing a custome seal.

European Standard EN14683 medical face mask requirements

Bacterial Filtration Eciency (%) Differential Pressure (Pa/cm2) Splash Resistance Pressure (kPa) Microbial Cleanliness (cfu/g)
Type I (Type 1) ≥ 95 < 29.4 Not required 30
Type II (Type 2) ≥ 98 < 29.4 Not required 30
Type IIR (Type 2R) ≥ 98 < 49.0 ≥ 16 30


MPC Code Description Pack Qty Case Qty
51562D Surgical Face Mask Type IIR Earloop 50 1000

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