Skin Tears Training
Skin Tears Training

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Skin Tear Training

Skin tears are extremely common wounds in people over the age of 65. Even though they are common, there is not much information on the prevention, assessment, and management of skin tears. This can lead to skin tears being mismanaged and result in complications such as pain and infection.

At Richardson Healthcare, we want to spread awareness of skin tear management by providing free in-person and online training to all UK healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

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Skin Tears Training
Skin Tears Training
Skin Tears Training

Key Objectives:

* Enhance knowledge of the different types of skin tears
* Improve the identification of patients at risk of skin tears
* Expert guidance on minimising the risk of skin tears
* Build confidence in dressing and managing skin tears

Key Outcomes:

* Empower care home staff to prevent and treat skin tears effectively
* Achieve an accredited certification on skin tear management
* Receive a ‘Skin Tear Management’ kit
* Access to skin tear educational resources